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26 May 2008 @ 06:12 pm
Fan Fiction + poem  
Title: Mortals Don’t Have Morals
Characters: Wan Shi Tong
Rating: G
Prompt: #22 Virtue
Warning: None
Word Count: 232

Title: An Unhappy Reunion
Characters: Azula, Ursa (Mention Zuko and Ozai)
Rating: PG
Prompt: #23 Oedipus complex
Warning: contains Azula
Word Count: 529

Title: Reunited
Pairing: Ty Lee/Mai, Azula
Rating: G
Word Count: 124
A/N: Wrote this for a challenge in [info]femslash100

Title: Dance of the Moon
Characters/Pairs: Zuko/Yue
Prompt: Dancing (May Challenge)
Rating: G
Warning: None
Word Count: 332
Summary: Zuko reflects on his encounter with a water tribe girl.
A/N: This is my first Zue fic, so any feedback would be wonderful because I would love to explore this pair more.

I found this Poem I wrote in 6th or 7th grade... Enjoy!!!!

A Single Word

A word...
A single word
How it can make one feel
How it can hurt

A word...
The feelings of happiness
With a single word
Turned to feelings of sadness

The memories of a place
The memories of a time
Can all be affected
By a single word.

Since Owen been sleeping thought the night I have more time to work on fan fiction. I will try to get more Iroh fic done for 50 scenes prompts (table) Plus going to work on some original and other fandom this week. :)
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