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14 June 2008 @ 08:17 am
Fan Fic  
This past week I was ill and wasn't able to get much done but here are two fics.

Title: Stage #2 - Anger
Author: Spazzyjazzy81
Theme Set/Prompt: Five Stages of Grief -  # 2 "anger" (Stage #1 - Denial)
Rating: PG 
A/N: On short side I wanted to post it before deadline and was brain fried from being sick. Written for community [info]stagesoflove

Title: Coping
Fandom:  Avatar: the Last airbender
Characters: Iroh
Prompt: #37 Turbulence - Iroh table 3/50
Word Count: 397
Rating: G
Summary: Iroh reflects on difficult times in his life.
Warnings:  none
Disclaimer: I do not own avatar the last airbender

Also I want to mention

hekateselene  community for avatar fic and art exchange avatar_commute . There only three people who signed up to participate so far so figured I let people know for a little boost before it's first deadline June 15 (tommorow) 


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